Monday, 28 November 2011

Crafting Crazy . . . .

Roll on Thursdays Craft Fair . . .  as per last weekends activities, I continued throughout last week and busily beevered away this weekend also. The week was spent creating some branding for the 'Lovebobs' collaboration between myself and Kate on our decorated Christmas pegs and then patiently hand gluing them into place. . . .  secretly pleased with the outcome of this!

Then over the weekend I wanted to create some soft fabric padded birdies but got carried away in the festivities and added some stars and 'bauble'-ish circles! All of which were finished off with pretty ribbons and some adorned with vintage buttons and feathers.

Fingers crossed they go down well at the fair, and if not I know what I will be decorating my tree with. . . .  win win situation x x x x

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Longer Lashes?????? Part 2

Week 1 results:-

After a nightly ritual of applying my serum I'm not overly sure whether I see any results or I am telling myself I do see results????? Hmmmm. Week 1 promise is improved visual of lash, I think they look rather healthy and strong but until this week I have never really paid much attention to them without my mascara on so perhaps I'm imagining they look better?? Anyway. . . .  roll on week 3-4 when they should be longer. . . . heres hoping x

Saturday, 19 November 2011


The lovely Penny (Pee Pee) Hartrick has been organizing a craft fair and I shall be among the ladies crafting and selling on the night (I will update the gillybobs blog with details of the other lovelies who shall also be selling their wares on the night soon).

Sooooo panic stations today as I have nothing. . .  zero. . .  nada!? What to do????? Off to my BFF Kates this morning and after a brainstorm we go with Kates fab idea of making some decorated pegs to hang Christmas cards off . . . . .

Here we are at prep stage with Kate painting white bases.

Stamping and glittering away. . . . . . .
Some stamped beauties from Miss Loveridge (with strawberry milkshake in shot :) yummy!!!! )

Heres some of my lacy lovelies. . .

. . . . and my traditional Christmas offering. . . .

All in a few hours work, gosh we make a good team Lady Loveridge!!!!!! . . . . . .

And heres a few I took home pre painted and stamped for further attention tomorrow.

Lots more goodies to prepare tomorrow in addition to the pegs x

Craft Fair

Thurs 1st December, 7:30pm

75 Acre Street,

x x x x x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Anyone who has been to Manchester Craft and Design centre will no doubt have been into Lily Greenwood and Kathryn Edwards studio/shop, and if not . . . get down there! It has to be my favourite of all of the studios in the craft centre and I could spend hours in there looking at both artists canvases and watching them create.

Lily Greenwood creates the most amazing canvases covered in stunning butterflys, I have my eye on a few of the larger canvases but currently only own a samll print and a badge (both bought for me by the wife Kate!! lol)

Katheryn Edwards who shares the same studio space/ shop as Lily has the most pretty, quirky canvases around. Have a peak on her website
I could literally buy about 10 of them, heres one of my faves. . .
mmmmmmm cake!!!!!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Longer Lashes??????

Doing the weekly food shop this morning in the glamourous Shaw, I stumbled across the 'JML' section in Asda and my eyes were drawn to Lashtech by Jerome Alexander, New York- Lash enhancing serum! The packaging promises:-

Your Lashes Thicker
Your Lashes Stronger
Your Lashes Longer
(plus a free Conditioning Mascara with Collagen)
All for £19.99! So how could I resist???
Apparently the condition of my lashes will be visibly improved in approx 1 week and a noticable difference in 3!!!!!!

I am hoping the results will be that of Rapidlash- one of my lovely ladies uses this on and off and by gosh her lashes get noticably longer (but needs continuous daily use and at £30 a pop my lashes are happy enough with a coat or 3 of YSL false lash effect mascara!)

So, all I have to do now is apply the serum like an eyeliner before bed . . . . . . .
I shall keep you posted on my lucious lashes x x x

Saturday, 12 November 2011

My Penny Bears x

Meet my Penny Bears!. . . .

Penny Bear 1 (Svetlana):-
Svetlana was made for me as a leaving gift when I left my ladies at Mamas and Papas by one of my most favourite friends Penny. She was named Svetlana as I think she has a slight Russian vibe going down . . . .  gorgeous! She has lived ever since in the corner of my bedroom sat on my trinkets bucket!

Penny Bear 2 (Penny):-
I commissioned Pee Pee a few Christmas' ago to make me 3 Penny bears, one for my Aunt who collects bears, one for my cousin and one for myself. All bears were made from fabrics and trims I had collected over the years- vintage fabrics and buttons from my Grandmas old collections, Laura Ashley off cuts and Leather scraps. All of which were beautiful and here is Penny herself.

Looking gorgeous in the fascinator I have never worn but Penny rcks this look every day on my dresser!!!

 Close up on her tummy where she adorns some gorgeous vintage buttons and a heart charm bought for me by my BFF!!!
 I love my bears x x


Sat having a lovely lazy Saturday with Pebbles and what could make such a day even better??? The usual mind boring Saturday televisuals have been brightened by one of my all time favourite films . . . . . the 1938 Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers film Carefree.

I genuinely wish I could be Ginger Rogers in some of the Fred/ Ginger films . . . . . . the dresses, the hair, the dancing . . . . .  oh to dream!

Time to dust off my dvd box set . . . .  Mr Brooks will be pleased!!!! he he

P.S. Pebbles is my cat :@)